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"What I have experienced as emerging fashion designer – is the absolute scarcity of no B.S. how-to advice which would enable me to launch a profitable fashion or physical product business with minimum investment. What I am talking about is a clear step-by-step guideline which enables a fashion artist or fashion entrepreneur to start a clothing line or a fashion product which pays the bills and accommodates for a comfortable life style."- Julia Antufjew
The Science of Achievement + The Art of Fulfillment!
"Julia is amazing. She is the pure genius of inspiration and empowerment. One coaching call with Julia—and you'll feel the power within to go conquer the world. You'll remember that you are capable of great things. Not only does she inspire you to tap into your real capabilities, Julia is a true master of top-notch implementation systems. Her hands-on experience in the realm of professional business is remarkable. We all know it takes strategy (the specific plan), and passion (the energy which fuels us, keeping us moving forward) in order to succeed. Julia possesses both in unlimited quantities, which she shares generously of with each of her students. When you get the rare opportunity to learn from Julia—take it. It shall change your life."
Patric Peter Concepción
Marketing Master Strategist & ClickFunnels Certified Partner
Got Questions About the Upcoming Program?

I don’t have any experience in fashion. But I would absolutely love to have my own fashion brand. Is this program for me?

Absolutely. Our Wild Cat Fashion Business Training Program is modeled on Julia's success - from the moment she decided launch her own fashion brand and building upon Julia’s 10 years experience running top quality fashion manufacturing for more than 200 emerging fashion designers. Everything in the program is step by step - even defining your core fashion product.

I am selling a physical product, but it is not a garment. Can I join your program?

You're welcome to join. Fashion garment is a physical product. Setting up a business selling any other physical product, albeit jewelry, shoes or fashion accessories, you name it – follows the same paradigm. 

I am a student. I don’t have forty hours a week to work on my fashion business. Is this course for me?

This is my favorite question! Being a student is the best time to launch your own business on the side. You have most time and greatest flexibility then ever in the future and relative few obligations. This is the best time to launch your own business. Imagine, you are done with your studies and … you don’t need a job because you have a six figure business all up and running!

I already have a fashion business that’s making money, will this program help me?

Of course. The Wild Cat Fashion Business Program adopts multiple strategies which are unusual and innovative for contemporary fashion industry. These strategies target early business profitability, enable you to scale your business and secure your income for years to come. If you are still unprofitable, profitable but not scalable, if you find yourself trapped in the rat race, lacking sales, lacking peace of mind, feeling way too dependent on your distribution networks, or simply unable to pay yourself a monthly salary of $6K or more – this course is for you. 

Is this program a ‘Magic Pill’?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. There is no such thing as a magic pill. This program is a lot of work, and we only want to work with responsible action takers. If you're looking for some kind of a silver bullet, a get-rich-quick-solution, this is not it, and you'll be looking a long time because making money in any business takes responsibility, persistence and consistency. We show you every step you need to take to model Julia's success - but you will be the one who needs to take these steps.
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Join the waitlist and find out first, when we release the Wild Cat Fashion Business Training Program to the first group of 30 beta members.
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