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How to Start Your Own Clothing Line or Fashion Product no B.S.
The Walkthrough for Fashion Artists and Fashion Entrepreneurs.

If you have been thinking about starting your own clothing company either as a designer or as a fashion entrepreneur, BOOM! Chapter 10 is a must read. It will take you through the 90 days of a brand creation, confront you with questions you have never though of before, reveal important resources and methods.

Are you an artist or an entrepreneur? Weird question, though a very important one of key influence on your whole company strategy and success.

How many products do you need? What is fashion calendar and what is its relevance? What operation mode is the best for you? Where to buy fabrics? Where to manufacture? How much money do you need to start a clothing line? What sizes to use? How to set prices?

Those and many other questions are addressed in my book BOOM! - must read for any emerging fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur.
"What I have experienced as emerging fashion designer – is the absolute scarcity of no B.S. how-to advice which would move me from A to B with minimum investment. What I am talking about is a clear guideline, a WALKTHROUGH which enables a fashion artist or fashion entrepreneur to start a clothing line or a fashion product."- Julia Antufjew
On Friday July 18th 2014 an email arrived in my mail box by Mark Victor Hansen, international best-selling author and keynote speaker, with an honorable invitation to participate in his new book "BOOM!", consolidating best practiced by leading entrepreneurs around the globe.

Instantly two things were very clear to me: first – I will co-author the book; second – I will write The Walkthrough I Never Had, the Walkthrough I would give a lot for in the beginning of my carrier as a fashion designer, the Walkthrough which would spare me all those sleepless nights, stressful days and wasted capital.

I knew I will write a playbook containing everything I would like to tell myself if I could travel back-in-time to 2008, meeting this girl who just left her secure high paid job to become a famous fashion designer.
  • First and foremost I would tell myself to take my self seriously.
  • I would spend at least a day of careful thinking about my game character. Who am I? What is my motivation? Am I an Artist or an Entrepreneur?
  • I would educate myself about capital requirements related to my game character.
  • I would initiate my self into the secrets of timing and fashion calendar.
  • I would help myself defining my operational mode in order to minimize initial investment.
  • I would instruct myself about finding reliable high quality fabrics supplies and just-in-time garment manufacturers.
  • I would teach myself the pricing routines and lots of other things which are crucial to be set up right from the very beginning. While I am still looking for the opportunities to travel back in time, you may enjoy my book in the present.
Who am I to write a no B.S. guide line to starting a clothing line?
Good question, right timing!
My name is Julia Antufjew. I am the founder of QUANTUMFACTORY.NET, Fashion Accelerator and Manufacturer for emerging designers and fashion entrepreneurs. Out team facilitates emerging fashion designers across the globe to start their brands from zero and to succeed in their venture.
Fascinated by creation our team developed a hands-on lean market entrance program for emerging fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs optimizing initial investment while securing revenues from the very moment of the brand launch. “YOUR OWN FASHION BRAND IN 90 DAYS: WALKTHROUGH FOR HARDCORE GAMERS” is a no B.S. guide and a tip-of-the-iceberg sneak peek into our comprehensive in-house program, also known as Wild Cat Fashion Business Training Program. Reading Chapter 10 does not guarantee that you become a Wild Cat Fashion Business Training Program member, however it guarantees that you have key information in your hands to start your fashion brand successfully.
Lean start has formed the cornerstone of our success. The first thing I have learned when working with Julia and her team – was how to structure my operations in order to optimize initial investment. In the fashion world dominated by high minimum order quantities albeit for fabrics, trims or manufacturing TENOS has unique operational advantage of zero inventory levels and just-in-time manufacturing, an advantage we learned at QUANTUMFACTORY, an advantage you can read about in BOOM! Chapter 10.
Rong Rong Ren, Designer TENOS, Luxury Women's Wear
Julia has been extremely successful at helping designers to figure out the way how to start their fashion brand and to succeed. Working with Julia has been a great decision for our brand.

Luca Buzas, Designer LUCABUZAS, Luxury Cocktail Wear
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